Corey Reichle

Proven systems administrator, and cloud-scale architect, leveraging DevOps, CI/CD, to deploy and maintain cloud based and on-prem solutions.


  • Redhat
  • Debian
  • Ubuntu
  • IP Networking
  • DNS
  • Firewalls
  • Load Balancing
  • RESTful APIs
  • SaaS/PaaS/IaaS
Languages, Operating Systems & Tools
  • Python
  • git
  • subversion
  • linux
  • bash
  • php
  • javascript
Platform Development & Administration
  • Atlassian
  • Bamboo
  • Bitbucket
  • Apache
  • Nginx
  • MySQL
  • Wordpress
  • Hugo
Containers & Cloud


A collection of projects authored by Corey, and shared out with the community as an open source project.

Githook.php for Thunix

This is a githook tailored for use to auto-deploy code once pushed to the Thunix public access system.

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Wiki.php CMS

This CMS was originally written to be a very simple wiki engine, powered by PHP

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Open Source Contributions

A collection of efforts to which I contributed, but did not create. Contributing back to Open Source projects is a strong passion of mine, and requires a considerate approach to learn norms, standards and approach for each community for a successful merge!

New feature for

Added tag creation for all logged in users.

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Sr. Systems Administrator

Synacor, Inc

Took lead in deploying new technologies that enabled automation, while also maintaining legacy systems and processes.

February 2013 - Present

Websphere Administrator

Sodexo USA

Was instrumental in deploying a new facilties management system, while also supporting integrations between myriad systems.

2008 - 2013

Consultant and Developer

Self Employed

Spec'd, created, and deployed custom solutions to meet clients need with web presences, or on-prem systems.

February 2009 - March 2012

Systems Administrator

Sallie Mae

Managed and deployed servers in Linux and Windows space.

2007 -2008


ITT Technical Institute

Computer Networking Systems
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