Building soundmodem for Ubuntu 64 bit

So, it appears there’s a bit of an issue building soundmodem using gcc5.  The fix is pretty simple: Install gcc4 Preprend your makes to specify gcc version: ie, this should get ‘er done: cd ~/soundmodem; ./configure CC=/usr/bin/gcc-4.9 && make CC=/usr/bin/gcc-4.9 && sudo make install CC=/usr/bin/gcc-4.9 Also, it appears soundmodem’s page has been taken down, but you can clone it down from here:

I’m mobile radioactive!

So, over the past month or so, I ordered all of the things needed to get on 20M HF, while mobile:  A mobile antenna mount (No, a mag mounted 20M antenna won’t cut it), a mobile whip, and I already had the radio (A FT817ND). A lot of you are saying,”But, 5W out for HF is nothing!  Come on!”  I do mostly digital stuff.  SSB voice sometimes (Mostly on 10M), but largely digital.  Even on […]

2016 Buffalo Shamrock Run

I’m stoked after yesterday’s Shamrock Run! The Buffalo Shamrock Run is an 8K run, which is quickly turning into my favorite race length.  Not because it’s easy (The last 2 miles kicked my ass), but I feel it’s the length of race that truly tests my ability. So, the atmosphere of the Shamrock Run is really fun, to say the least.  It’s gotta be, why else would people go and race with snow on the […]

25 Days to Go

25 days to go until the Buffalo Shamrock Run. The Shamrock run is a rather challenging 8K held every year. I’ve not run the course itself yet (Got to do that), but from knowing the roads, it’s a much more challenging race than the Buffalo YMCA Turkey Trot (A touch over 8K). So, the real challenge for me is to PR my 8K time. The course has a number of “hills” which are really overpasses […]

Goodbye (For Now) Runkeeper, Hello Garmin Connect!

For many years, I’ve been a Runkeeper user.  For the past 2 or so, I’ve been a Runkeeper “Elite” user, now it’s just a “Go” user.  Something, something they wanted to be non-snobbish sounding.  Fine, whatever. But, as a user, I expected more from Runkeeper.  For example, I expected to be able to completely customize my training plan on the app, and to create ones for myself.  Especially as a paid user.  I understand the […]

Garmin Vivoactive

So, I made a deal with De, that after the Turkey Trot, if I was still into running (Today, I went for a run), I could get a running-specific watch. I was going to get the Fitbit Surge.  Fortunately, for me, Target stores nearby only had the small sized units in stock (Hey, it was Black Friday, and no, I didn’t go at 3AM, more like 1PM).  They had a deal for $199 for the […]

Turkey Trot 2015 Race Report

Yesterday, I ran my first, official race.  My official results are here.  Placed 327 out of 616 in my division, 2916 out of 6204 in my gender, and 6022 overall.  I hit a few PR’s during the race:  Most elevation climbed, and for this month I topped my mileage, duration, and cals burned.  This particular distance, I hit my second fastest pace, which considering the errors I made on race day, understandable.  So, I think […]


So, a couple of days ago, I learned first hand how key backups are…  Usually, I’ve been backing up this site whenever I do some maintenance, which isn’t often.  But, I also just presumed that data loss on Digital Ocean has a probability of slim-to-none. And, I was probably right.  Unless you count how easily droplets can be created/deleted. I popped up a test droplet, just to pick apart a package on a brandy-new CentOS […]

5K Down!

So, I know, in my scientific brain, that I can run a 5K on a treadmill.  I’ve isolated all the variables using a treadmill, so I know it’s possible.  Now, onto doing it outdoors on a track first, then moving to general road running. Pretty sure after I’m done with that, I’ll start training for a sub-30 minute 5K, and maybe even do one of the many 5K races here in Buffalo.  Who knows?  Maybe […]

What Exactly Is Agile?

So, after some time spent in a couple of “Agile” environments, I’ve yet to actually figure out what Agile means.  I mean, in English, it means able to quickly adapt to a change in the environment.  But while reading the Agile Manifesto, it seems to be written in such a manner that it can really mean anything, and is subject to wide interpretation by the “user” of it. It’s gotten me to realize that repeating […]

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