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Packet go live!

So, I now have a second radio ready to go for packet!  Yes, good ole 1200 bps packet radio on 2M! I really do enjoy tinkering with packet radio.  I know ham radio is all about talking to people, but I really don’t like talking to people.  With packet (And other digital modes), I get to not talk to people, but still talk with them, if that makes sense.   So, I ended up getting […]

Contact Lenses!

So, I feel I really need to post about this:  I got contact lenses for the first time EVAR! Prior to this, whenever I saw someone touching their eye, or even thought about touching mine own, I got a nauseous feeling.  Really, I mean, I had a serious case of ommetaphobia… Well, I conquered this finally, and am so thrilled!  I mean, I’ve had glasses since like aged 10 or so.  Glasses were ok.  I did […]

Mechanical Keyboard

Ok, so I took the “plunge”, so to speak, regarding a mechanical keyboard.  More or less, I settled on a Cherry-black switch equivalent by Bestek.  This here is the one I bought. While possibly not the best quality, it does work quite suitably.  The black keys aren’t particularly noisy, either, so it’s great for an office environment, which is where I use it at.  I likely will buy another one for the home-office too. It’s […]

New Workstation, New Distro, New Window Manager, New, New New!

So, got a new workstation, and along with that came migrating all my stuff over. Now, while I use Ansible to manage the configuration for the system overall, much of my config boils down to personal dot files in my home dir.  So, I was using rsync to keep things in sync between my primary workstation, and my backup workstation. It works, more or less.  Sitting down between machines is easy-peasy, and they both feel […]

Pi-Top: Reviewing a Raspberry Pi 3 Laptop

So, been using my Pi-Top for about 3 days now. I have to say, out of 10, I rate it a 7-out-of-10. In fact, composing this post on it right meow. The Good Well, you get a pretty slick package that makes your Pi portable, and battery powered, without cabling dangling all over the place. Yes, it can be done neatly without a kit (I’ve seen some of the projects here), but this puts it […]

Migration to Mystic from Synchronet

So, I decided to migrate from Synchronet to Mystic BBS.  The primary reason:  Ease of customization and FTN.  While, I do realize that Synchronet is highly customizable, and can handle FTN networks, both seemed rather arduous to do. Menus are easily customizable in Mystic, even without an ASCII editor, whereas in Sync, it’s all done via editing two text files.  I’m positive for someone with years of experience with the package, it’s easy enough.  For a […]

Solar Powered BBS Online

So, I’ve finally figured out the “niche” for the BBS I’ve been playing with:  It’s a solar-powered BBS, running Synchronet!  And, the only one 🙂 I think this will be a great learning experiment for myself, to see what real-world solar power operations is like.  And, personally, I feel it’d be a great community experience for people who may be sick of the flashy “modern” social media networks. I do know I get a feeling […]

RX-Only APRS iGate, And Future Plans For Packet Node

So, I’ve deployed an receive-only iGate for the APRS system.  It’s not very impressive as of now, an old RadioShack Pro-2023 scanner, with the audio cable going to a Raspberry Pi running tnc_pi. It’s current range isn’t so good, by and large.  Mainly, because it’s a desktop scanner with it’s OEM antenna (A collapsible stick antenna) sitting on a table in my bedroom.  So, I have a couple of options:  Upgrade just the antenna to […]

tnc_pi: A Wifi Enabled TNC For Amateur Radio

So, I wanted a wifi-enabled TNC for mobile packet use, and for tooling around at home, while not in the shack.  I also figured eventually, I’d want to not do this all by hand, and I figured others would likely want to do so as well. So, I’ve release the tnc_pi project into the wild on Github.  Pulls are welcomed, as well as suggestions and enhancements. You can find the project here: Down the […]

tnc_pi And Other New Scripts Added to Github

So, I decided it was probably a bad idea to rely on my blog for source control, so I pushed a bunch of the scripts I’ve developed to speed prototyping of ideas, mostly Raspberry Pi projects. You can peruse all of my stuff on github here. Specifically, I just pushed two scripts up:  tnc_pi and wifi_pi, which are two scripts that deploy various solutions to the device. I wanted a network-enabled TNC, so that’s tnc_pi. […]

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