Packet go live!

So, I now have a second radio ready to go for packet!  Yes, good ole 1200 bps packet radio on 2M!

I really do enjoy tinkering with packet radio.  I know ham radio is all about talking to people, but I really don’t like talking to people.  With packet (And other digital modes), I get to not talk to people, but still talk with them, if that makes sense.


So, I ended up getting the a-ok on a TH-D72a handheld radio, which has a USB TNC cable, plus it’s a dual-band HT (With dual receive).  Basically, this is all because I dropped a Baofeng UV-5R in the Tonawanda canal during a kayak trip.  I figured I get a bunch of use from my handhelds, so this was justified.

So, yeah.  I have personally tested KC2UGV-10 on 145.050MHz.  It works to about 3 miles out, which isn’t surprising given my antenna (A vertical dipole).  On the horizon is a proper 2M (Or dual band) base antenna.  Eventually, I’d like to have it on a tower of some sort.  Get it about the roofline.

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