Contact Lenses!

So, I feel I really need to post about this:  I got contact lenses for the first time EVAR!

Prior to this, whenever I saw someone touching their eye, or even thought about touching mine own, I got a nauseous feeling.  Really, I mean, I had a serious case of ommetaphobia…

Well, I conquered this finally, and am so thrilled!  I mean, I’ve had glasses since like aged 10 or so.  Glasses were ok.  I did like that they helped me see well.  I did get made fun of in class a little, since we could only get “welfare glasses”, ie ugly plastic frames, basically “nerd goggles”, but whatever.  I made them work.  And, sometimes, my parents did in fact scrimp and save to get us nicer looking glasses once we were in high school.

So, yes, glasses were fine.  But contacts!  De told me some of the benefits, like full field of view clarity.  I was completely unprepared for my vision with contacts!  Words really cannot explain, and the best I can get to is when a blind person gets to see for the first time.  Might sound way out there, but it’s fact.

Not to mention, running without adjusting glasses (Still doing it, though, out of habit), being able to see at the gym, no halos around headlights at night, being able to get proper sunglasses for cheap…  I mean, just WOW here.  Even if you ask De, my response when I got my first lens in at the optometrist was one of jubilation.

Which brings us to the next thing:  First time putting lenses in, took about 25 minutes or so, for one lens!  The whole “eye blinking” think kinda precludes jabbing something in your eye 😛  But, I got it in, and got the second in after another 20 or so.  Taking them out, is a pain.  I think it took me 30 minutes to get a single lens out, and another 20 to get the second one.  But, personally, they show you to grab it, and drag it to the corner.  I’ve found a much easier way, where you don’t have to touch your eye to remove it.  Basically, you use your eyelid to squeeze it out.

After a couple of days now, I can get them installed in under 5 minutes, and same with removal.  I’m only assuming it’ll get “smoother”.  Shifted my runs back to lunch time, so I can get my new eyeballs installed for the day.  Maybe I’ll swap back to mornings once I get the installation part under control.

If you are considering contacts, DO IT.  Just DO IT.  You wont regret it.

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