Mechanical Keyboard

Ok, so I took the “plunge”, so to speak, regarding a mechanical keyboard.  More or less, I settled on a Cherry-black switch equivalent by Bestek.  This here is the one I bought.

While possibly not the best quality, it does work quite suitably.  The black keys aren’t particularly noisy, either, so it’s great for an office environment, which is where I use it at.  I likely will buy another one for the home-office too.

It’s not an RGB backlight, though.  Each row has it’s own color, which is not changeable.  However, there’s a few modes for lighting, although I only use the solid backlight while working.  When I’m gone for the night, I use the “ramp up” lighting mode.  It just looks pretty cool.

I can tell, however, my hands don’t get tired nearly as quickly from typing anymore, so I’ve got that going for me.  The unit I bought comes in blue switches too, which many typists prefer.  Same price too boot.  I’d definitely recommend if you need a backlit mechanical keyboard.  It’s only $30.

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