New Workstation, New Distro, New Window Manager, New, New New!

So, got a new workstation, and along with that came migrating all my stuff over.

Now, while I use Ansible to manage the configuration for the system overall, much of my config boils down to personal dot files in my home dir.  So, I was using rsync to keep things in sync between my primary workstation, and my backup workstation.

It works, more or less.  Sitting down between machines is easy-peasy, and they both feel the same, and work the same.

However, I felt I needed a “clean break”, as I have collected quite a bit of cruft lately.  So, the rsync was broken, my homedir on the primary was backed up to a tarball, and with my new machine, I chose a distro.

Manjaro Linux is where it’s at!  Why?  Well, ArchLinux looks really neat, as I do love the breadth of the AUR.  Most any package is available to build.  Manjaro, because they took the Arch distro, placed a minimal number of sane defaults in place, and built a good desktop experience around a couple of window managers, i3 specifically.

I am loving i3 window manager, since playing with it on PCBSD.  I love that Manjaro gave you a decent place to start with in i3.

Also, many of my apps I’ve changed out.  Not using Pidgin for chat, using Finch now.  Finch is a TUI-based version of Pidgin, and my keyboard-driven work keys really well into it.  And, I don’t lose any of the functionality either from Pidgin.

I was using Alpine for email, and it worked well.  I finally moved over to Thunderbird from Evolution, only because I could never get Calcurse working correctly with caldav.  I think it’s a caldav issue, really, and nothing against calcurse.  Otherwise, it was great.  I still use Alpine when I’m checking mail only, and not worrying about calendaring.

My biggest change, since I do a lot of terminal-based work was, shockingly, my terminal emulator.  I always hated on xterm.  It seemed clunky, lacked features, and felt like “Just the minimal required terminal features”.  I preferred mate-terminal, as it had all I felt was lacking.  Turns out:  I was just uneducated.  After digging into xterm, and customizing it to my liking, it now very much prefer it over mate-terminal.

And, I’ve solarized everything with a light theme, wherever possible.  Even my tty’s.  So, now, I look like a hipster hacker 😛

My workflow productivity has jumped with these changes, and my only problem now is I have to keep myself from customizing things too much, as it’s easy to kill 5 hours getting your desktop to look and respond just how you want it to.

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