Migration to Mystic from Synchronet

So, I decided to migrate from Synchronet to Mystic BBS.  The primary reason:  Ease of customization and FTN.  While, I do realize that Synchronet is highly customizable, and can handle FTN networks, both seemed rather arduous to do.

Menus are easily customizable in Mystic, even without an ASCII editor, whereas in Sync, it’s all done via editing two text files.  I’m positive for someone with years of experience with the package, it’s easy enough.  For a noob to it, it is daunting.

But, I was able to handle that.  I can deal with complex configs.  However, I was completely lost with FTN.  There’s no complete documentation for it with Sync.  However, there’s a really nice video tutorial for Mystic.

So, in the span of time I spent trying to get Sync to work with FTN, I was able to get Mystic installed, configured, and connected to multiple networks.

The one part that was nice with Sync was the inbuilt, fully featured SMTP server.  Mystic has one, but it’s only for sending intra-bbs messages, and doesn’t offer users an email address.  Hopefully, this will be resolved eventually.

So, the new BBS is up and running. Check it out over at http://solarpi.net 🙂

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    1. I did a manual migration. Didn’t have the time/knowledge to figure out how to automate it, although, it seems like it should be rather simplistic.

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