Solar Powered BBS Online

So, I’ve finally figured out the “niche” for the BBS I’ve been playing with:  It’s a solar-powered BBS, running Synchronet!  And, the only one 🙂

I think this will be a great learning experiment for myself, to see what real-world solar power operations is like.  And, personally, I feel it’d be a great community experience for people who may be sick of the flashy “modern” social media networks.

I do know I get a feeling of “overload” when dealing with the modern web, often.  Not to sound too elitist, but it used to require some thought and know-how to actually put information onto the internet.  These days, everyone has a megaphone, and everyone is shouting into it, creating a cacophony of noise, with little to no signal.

Anyways, enough of my diatribe!

You can connect to the BBS by going to, and using the terminal emulator there.  Or, you can connect with the telnet client of your choice.  I suggest either Linux Telnet, or Syncterm.  Syncterm can be downloaded from the BBS (Which offers an FTP service as well!).  You can connect via telnet://

Hope you enjoy!

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