RX-Only APRS iGate, And Future Plans For Packet Node

So, I’ve deployed an receive-only iGate for the APRS system.  It’s not very impressive as of now, an old RadioShack Pro-2023 scanner, with the audio cable going to a Raspberry Pi running tnc_pi.

It’s current range isn’t so good, by and large.  Mainly, because it’s a desktop scanner with it’s OEM antenna (A collapsible stick antenna) sitting on a table in my bedroom.  So, I have a couple of options:  Upgrade just the antenna to something better (And outdoors), or replacing it with a TX/RX setup + Outdoor/Better antenna system.

I’m leaning towards just an antenna.  I’d like to place the RX/TX radio I have (FT-2500M) in service as a packet node, which I had running a long time ago.  I need to get re-familiar with how the new modem (Direwolf) works with the Linux AX.25 stack (Soundmodem, which I used in the past, is seamless, by and large).  Once I get there, I’ll have a packet node back online.

Yes, I know, people will say,”Packet is dead man!”  To that, I reply,”I don’t care.”  I’ll continue to use my own packet node, for my own needs, even just to send email from within range.  I also like old-school BBS’s.  I had Synchronet as the BBS when I was running it last.  Likely, the main reason it got little use from other hams:  They had no idea what a real BBS was!

But, enough rambling:  KC2UGV-15 is up, and taking packets, right now: aprs.fi info on my station!

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